Keto Pros and Cons

So What Are The Keto Pros And Cons?


* It reduces insulin levels (and inflammation).

Insulin is a key hormone that helps move glucose from the bloodstream to the muscles and tissues. Higher levels of circulating insulin have been linked to increased inflammation, and the ketogenic diet may help to reduce insulin levels and therefore help to potentially reduce inflammation in the body.

Fast facts on inflammation

  • Inflammation is the body’s attempt at self-protection to remove harmful stimuli and begin the healing process.
  • Inflammation is part of the body’s immune response.
  • Infections, wounds, and any damage to tissue would not be able to heal without an inflammatory response.
  • Chronic inflammation can eventually cause several diseases and conditions, including some cancers and rheumatoid arthritis.

* Quick weight loss

Most dieters experience rapid weight loss. This can be encouraging for those who have trouble shedding weight or have a lot of weight to lose. Quick results are motivating and encourage them to stay on the diet. There is also a decrease in appetite.

Increased fat also helps people feel satisfied during the day and eliminates the need for snacking.

* Mental health

Ketogenic diets show promise for improving mood and research suggests that the diet may benefit a number of mental health conditions such as:

* It’s a good way to detox from carbs and sugar

Because this diet restricts sugar and carb intake to 25 to 35 grams, people reduce their sugar intake. This has a huge number of advantages, from lowering risk of heart disease to allowing space for healthier foods in your diet.


* Difficult to follow

A lot of people find it difficult to follow a strict diet, this takes hard work and dedication. While it’s possible to get food that fits a keto diet at restaurants, it requires a lot of planning and forethought.

What to do:

  • Start with realistic expectations
  • Think about what really motivates you
  • Keep unhealthy foods out of the house
  • Don’t have an all or nothing approach
  • Carry healthy snacks
  • Exercise and change diet at the same time
  • Have a game plan before eating out
  • Don’t let traveling derail you
  • Practice mindful eating
  • Track and monitor your progress
  • Get a partner to join you
  • Start the day with a high protein breakfast
  • Realize that it takes time to change your habits
  • Figure out what works best for you

* Often

people end up eating fats that aren’t so healthy

While the upside of this plan is the increased fat intake, the downside is that many people actually end up eating a lot of highly saturated animal fats. Though the carbohydrates are out of the equation, making the fats potentially less dangerous, these types of fats aren’t health-promoting. In addition, many people aren’t purchasing organic and/or grass-fed animal products, so the quality of food can be an issue as well. Bottom line: if you’re using a lot of animal-based foods for fats and proteins, try to make them organic and well-sourced whenever possible.

* It may not promote long-term weight loss.

Though there is some weight loss for many, many people don’t lose as much as they would like to maybe this is because it’s so hard to stick to it and our busy lifestyles make this difficult.

* You could be consuming less fibre than before

This diet consists of a lot of fats that are healthy (only if you make sure to choose the right ones) but less fibre. Many foods that contain fibre also contain a number of carbs that is prohibited by this diet. It would be wise to invest in a recipe book showing you the correct ones to eat.


If you stick to the plan, the keto diet could be healthy – but it takes a lot of planning, and making sure you’re eating the right products!

I wish you the best of luck and hope that you can achieve your desired results. Feel free to leave your comments below.

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